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GSA Back to school Program

Good Samaritan Association (GSA) back to school program on the 10th of September 2023. The program took place in the North West Region of Cameroon , precisely in a village called Bambui .

A team of 4 members from GSA was sent to Bambui village on the 4th of September to sensitize the population of Bambui village on the back to school program and collect the statistics . The names of children from different houses were collected, their ages and classes recorded . A venue and time was fixed for the distribution of the items.

School items such as books, pens, pencils and rulers were bought on the 9th of September by the purchase team of GSA . The items were transported to Bambui village by a hired car on the 10th of September along side members of Good Samaritan Organization at 2pm . The children and parents assembled before the items arrived . The children and parents seeing the school items were elated and sang a welcome song to GSA Members. A speech was made by a member of GSA and the items distributed.

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