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Good Samaritan Organization Christmas Outreach

Good Samaritan Organization Christmas for every child visitation at LUC MENORAH Rehabilitation Centre on the 11th of December 2023 . LUC MENORAH is located in the North West Region of Cameroon , precisely Bamenda. The program was scheduled at 4pm on the 11th of December and the authorities of LUC MENORAH were informed .

GSO ( Good Samaritan Organization) purchase team bought Christmass toys , dresses and shoes on the 10th of December. The Items were transported to LUC MENORAH foundation alongside members of GSO at 3pm on the 11th of December . The rehabilitated children of LUC MENORAH were so excited to see the toys and they sang a welcome song to the members of GSO in the reception hall .

The founder of LUC MENORAH welcome GSO members with a cordial speech , expressing her gratitude to GSO. The CEO of GSO equally made a speech , addressing both the authorities of LUC MENORAH and the children . The items were distributed and the children received them in excitement. It was indeed a huge success.

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