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Reach out to aged parents above 80 years in Bafut with food stuffs and praying for them

Good Samaritan Organization reached out to aged parents above 80 years in Bafut on the 26th of march with items such as rice , soap , salt , rappers etc . Bafut is located in the North West region of Cameroon. Statistics was collected in the field by some of our agents to ensure that the parents met the standard .Our partners gave donations and The Items were bought and transported to Bafut by a vehicle . The parents were assemble. The headquarter of that vicinity welcomed the members of the organization with profound gratitude in His heart . The C.E.O of the G.S.O made a speech in which he stated the goals of the organization to the parents . The items were distributed to the parents .the process was assisted by some of the villagers . The parents were overjoyed . The members of the organization prayed with them and the parents gave them their blessings.

Good Samaritan Organization CEO praying for the aged parents above 80 years after the distribution of the items such as : rice, soap, salt , rappers etc . The outreach was carried out in Bafut ; a village in the North west region of Cameroon on the 26th of March 2023. The parents were overjoyed
The aged parents above 80 years , giving their blessings in prayers to members of Good Samaritan Organization after receiving their gifts .

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